Here we go!

Thanks for joining me at Stardust & Wine! I hope you enjoy the ride (and the writing, that’s important, too). ✨🥂

I’ll tell you,

I had a ridiculous time trying to put together a fun name for a personal blog. I was looking for something sweet and simple, that tried to encompass everything I wanted the blog to be about. 😑 Easier said than done…. ‘Coffee with My Whiskey’ was strange, and I didn’t want to come off as an alcoholic; ‘The Wandering Glass’ also didn’t work (see a running theme here? I honestly don’t drink as much as it sounds like I do 😋). I wanted whimsical and light-hearted, inviting and simple.

End result:

Stardust & Wine. Wine’s obvious in regards to its inviting, family/friend-oriented tradition. It’s also my favorite (France and Italy have blown me away with their wines, but back to that later). As you may have guessed, Stardust is from the movie that came out close to a decade ago about a fallen star and magical land. Enter the whimsical and slightly nostalgic. Robert De Niro is a pirate in this movie, and ridiculously enjoyable to watch. Which, if you haven’t seen, you should. Seriously.

So, here I am.

A full-time graduate student working 2 jobs (one still in the vet field, because I love furry things, the second as a Marketing Assistant– because that’s also a lot of fun). I love to travel (Europe being my favorite), and am learning to better appreciate 1) the small things (even if they’re hard to see), and 2) taking advantage of the activities that really make my heart smile (that’s theatre and dancing, in case you didn’t already read the bio) 😁. As busy as I am, I’ve learned how incredibly important it is to sit back, breathe, and really embrace the aforementioned #1 and #2. I’ve been finding white hairs recently (it’s the beginning of the end!) so I feel that it’s a perfect time to go on this journey with you (you’ll keep me honest, right?) and share a little joy in the process.


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton